The application of bonding eyelashes

How To Apply:

1. Ensure your natural lashes are completely clean and free of any make-up. Use a Bond to brush
a thin layer of glue underneath your natural eyelashes (paying close attention to the roots).

    2. Wait 30-60 seconds for it to dry (keep the Bond closed while applying your eyelashes).

    3. Use the Applicator tool to gently remove your first lash cluster (start with the outside corner of the eye).
    4. Place your lash cluster carefully underneath your natural lashes.

    5. Use the Sealant to gently brush the lashes to seal them with your own lashes.

    6. Wait approximately 30-60 seconds for the Sealant to dry.

    7. Once your lashes are set in place, use an applicator, clamp down the lashes to ensure they are secure and locked into place.

    How to Remove:

    1. Brush Remover along your lashes and clusters.

    2. Wait 30 seconds.

    3. Use a cotton pad to gently slide the clusters away from your lashes using a downward motion.

    4. Use a make-up remover to clean your eyes.

    Patch Testing:

    We recommend completing a patch test before using DIY Lashes.

    Apply a small amount of Instant Lashes Bond to a small section of outer corner lashes and wait for 24 hours. If you experience any reactions/sensitivity, please discontinue use

    Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours and then enjoy your new fresh set of lashes!