What are bonding eyelashes?

Bonding eyelashes are a type of false lashes applied using a special adhesive (Bond) that creates a durable bond between the false lashes and natural one.

A characteristic feature of this application is the method of applying clusters - clusters are placed underneath the natural lashes, which effectively lifts them and gives the entire styling a natural look.

Bonding eyelashes are popular for their durability and natural appearance, making them a preferred choice for individuals seeking long-lasting lash extensions.

















Bonding eyelashes are the perfect alternative for individuals with busy schedules who don't have time for regular beauty salon appointments. Thanks to their easy application and long-lasting effect, they provide dense and beautifully accentuated eyes. The option to reuse lash clusters multiple times also helps save time and money!

Additionally, their safe and hypoallergenic ingredients ensure comfortable wear for extended periods. This is an excellent solution for those who aspire to achieve a glamorous eye look in line with their fast-paced lifestyle.